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Mission statement:

Building financial success

The mission of Continental Business Plan Consulting LLC is to enable entrepreneurs achieve financial success by providing them personalized business plans and additional services, at a premium price, in order to:

  • Facilitate access to funding (bank loans and potential investors)
  • Use the management and financial tools needed to successfully implement their investment projects.

Five Reasons for Choosing Us

Expertise: Over twenty-five years of banking and business management experience.

Cost-efficiency: Our fees for a business plan range between $475 and $675, depending on complexity. Some consultants charge less than $300, but you may get what you pay for. Other professionals charge up to $3,000.

Custom-made documents: Your business plan will be tailored according to your specific needs.

Draft accepting option: You will be able to see and accept a business plan draft, before you make the final payment.

Bonus: You will get a free Top Ten List, a very useful check-list, which helps you prepare some important answers to the questions that a banker, an investor, a partner or an associate may ask.